Moscow• InfoProstranstvo • 23–25.03.2023
MoscowInfoProstranstvo • 23–25.03.2023

Sign of natural and sustainable brands

at Eco Beauty Expo - "It's natural"

Eco Beauty Expo exhibition is opened for all cosmetic brands without any exception. In order to protect the rights of consumers, as well as to promote the idea of conscious eco-friendly consumption, the exhibition management decided to allocate a special sign for brands which meet the basic international requirements for natural and eco-cosmetics.
“It’s natural” is the sign of natural and sustainable brands at Eco Beauty Expo. Stands marked with this sign meet the basic criteria of natural and ecological cosmetics. Compliance with the criteria is verified by experts in the natural cosmetics industry:
Tatyana Lebedeva - the editor-in-chief of LookBio, an expert in the natural cosmetics market and executive director of new Association of Natural Cosmetics Producers
Elena Koval - an international expert of natural and organic cosmetics
Lyudmila Vitkovskaya - Retail Director of NATURA SIBERICA
Karina Memedlyaeva - Marketing Director of Ecomarket

The distinctive sign «It’s natural» will be given to stands (brands) meeting the following criteria:

1) An assortment of a distributor and / or manufacturer company stand consists of at least 70% cosmetics and hygiene products certified according to international and national standards for natural, organic and eco-friendly cosmetics, namely:
  • the group of international standards: Cosmos Natural/Organic, USDA Organic, NSF, Demeter, NaTrue and similar national standards for natural and/or organic cosmetics;
  • international life cycle eco-certification standards: EcoLabel, "Blue Angel", "Northern Swan" and the like;
  • Russian standards for natural or eco-cosmetics: BIORUS, Ecostandard Natural, Ecostandard Organic, Leaf of Life.
2) The brands with the range of products which consist of at least 70%

After the documentary verification we aprove the brands having at least 70% of products with composition which can be certified by one of the following international and/or Russian standards for natural or organic cosmetics: Cosmos Natural/Organic, NaTrue, Bio.Rus*.

* the rule cannot be applied for documentary verification of potential compliance with environmental standards of production (“Leaf of Life”, etc.).

The rules for obtaining "It's natural" logo:

  1. If products of the brand/company have eco-labels for natural/organic and eco-cosmetics, the brand should attach the copy of the eco-certificate which expiration date is valid on the date of the exhibition with a mandatory list of certified products to its application form.
  2. If the brand/company does not have eco-labeling, it attaches to its application form a questionnaire indicating the composition of 10-15 brand products to choose from different categories (shampoo, conditioner balm, cream, serum, if these categories are available in the brand’s assortment). The composition of the products must be listed in full in accordance with INCI (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients).
Also, the application must be accompanied by an active link to the online resource, where the composition of the entire brand / company assortment is indicated

General requirements for the composition of the brands/companies products wishing to receive “It’s natural”logo:

  • The products contain only natural ingredients and/or ingredients derived from raw materials of natural origin which have undergone physical, chemical processing.
  • If raw materials of animal origin are used in the composition, they must not be obtained from slaughtered vertebrate animals.
  • Permissible preservatives: natural or identical to natural, allowed by at least one eco-standard for natural cosmetics: for example, benzoic acid, etc.

Products claiming "It's natural" logo must not contain:
  • EDTA complexing agents, glutoraldehyde, formaldehyde or formaldehyde release agents;
  • organic halogen compounds;
  • synthetic fats, oils, waxes or silicones;
  • mineral oil based ingredients (with the exception of those permitted by the standards above);
  • aromatic amines;
  • phthalates;
  • ethoxylated ingredients and auxiliary materials;
  • microplastics;
  • chemical UV filters.