Moscow• InfoProstranstvo • 23–25.03.2023
MoscowInfoProstranstvo • 23–25.03.2023

Exhibition promotion

ECO-BEAUTY-EXPO exhibition offers exhibitors a range of marketing opportunities. For the most effective promotion, each exhibitor must fill out all three applications:

  1. We will be happy to place your company logo on the exhibition website and information about your products in the social networks of the event. This will help to attract new and regular customers to your booth. You need to fill out an exhibitor application for the website and social networks.
  2. It is also necessary to fill out an application for a catalog and frieze inscriptions. These services are already included in the the registration fee and the equipped area. Fascia inscriptions and an electronic catalog provide visitors and exhibitors a convenient navigation at the exhibition. Each visitor at the registration desk is given a booklet with a detailed plan of the exhibition and a link to the electronic catalog, which will be available on the website after the eventr.
  3. The classification of exhibitors' products will allow visitors to navigate the variety of products presented at ECO BEAUTY EXPO better. For the classifier, it is also necessary to fill out the corresponding application.

Registration banners

Let more partners know about your participation in the exhibition!

By downloading and installing special banners of ECO BEAUTY EXPO participants on your website and in your e-mail signatures, you will increase the number of visitors to the company's stand and increase the commercial efficiency of participation.

Download and choose a banner with the size you need

Place a banner on the site or add to the email newsletter

Link the banner to our online registration link:

* If you need a banner of a different format, write to us by email, and we will prepare it for you

Баннеры 100х100
Баннеры 240х400

Баннеры 320х100
Приглашение 1080х1080
Приглашение 1080х1920
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