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MoscowInfoProstranstvo • 23–25.03.2023


Please note that the list of exhibitors
is in the formation stage
The workshop of
Olesya Mustaeva
— The Russian cosmetic brand, which specializes in the production of natural remedies for skin and hair care, founded in 2010. The company's mission is the creation of effective and high -quality natural cosmetic products at an affordable price. Since the foundation, the company seeks to introduce innovative solutions in creating new effective means and uses recent skin care and hair care, including children's skin care. Close attention to the choice of components and the development of compositions. Cosmetic products are made according to their own recipes in compliance with GMP standards.
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LLC "Bakzdrav"
The company "Bakzdrav" (bacteria for health) is a multidisciplinary manufacturer of probiotic products.
The assortment of the company has:
• probiotic cosmetics;
• start -up cultures for home -made traditional products;
• fermentation for the preparation of probiotics at home;
• Liquid multi -meter highly effective probiotics;
• traditional natural sour -milk products;
• fermentation and enzymes for homemade cheese cheese;
• probiotic crops for enriching finished dishes and drinks;
• An enzyme for the preparation of lactose sour -milk products.
Production was organized in accordance with the most stringent requirements for enterprises of the pharmaceutical and food industries. Products are produced at modern production sites with a high level of safety and constant quality control from accredited laboratories.
Probiotic strains used in products are natural, without gene modifications.
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Vim Naturae
The company "VIM Natural", which was translated from Latin as "Power of Nature", was founded in 2015 and is an official distributor and exclusive representative of organic certified cosmetics, eco-facilities for home and female hygiene from organic cotton from well-known European manufacturers. All products have certificates confirming the naturalness of products. One of the goals of the company is to teach people to use these certificates and trust their beauty and health for proven industries. Each brand has its own RND department (development department), which guarantees the effectiveness of products and the innovation of formulas.

The store presents brands of different price segment and different positioning, while a diverse assortment will satisfy the need for exquisite and demanding eco-buyers. Strict quality control of products has become the main principle of the company.
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Share Switzerland
Share - products of long fermentation for high -quality detox and cleansing the body. Production of Switzerland. The company has been producing fermented fruits since 2016 and is represented in 44 countries. European certificate of quality of food, US quality certificate, halal certificate.
Production of the company:
- Fermented Green Japanese Apricot Share Original®;
- Fermented Pomelo Share Pomelozzini®;
Share products are rich in prebiotics and probiotics. Without preservatives, gluten, lactose. 100% natural product, Vegan. It has no contraindications.
- slows down the process of aging cells;
- saturates the body with vitamins A, C, B, iron, phosphorus, enzymes and enzymes;
- effective for weight loss, fights visceral fat;
- improves the state of the gastrointestinal tract and liver functions, excretory and concentration functions of the kidneys;
- strengthens the immunity by restoring the normal microflora of the gastrointestinal tract;
- provides an antioxidant effect.
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My Genetics
Mygenetics has been developing DNA tests since 2013. The company's staff is not only genetics, but also practicing medical experts. The company has its own licensed laboratory, where the DNA material is examined using modern equipment and Real-Time PCR technology-the accuracy of the results of 99.9%. The main office is located in the technopark of Akademgorodka (Novosibirsk).
The company also received:
- ISO certificate confirming the high quality of services at the international level;
- Grant under the program of national technological initiative in the direction of Healthnet;
- a patent confirming the uniqueness and effectiveness of research;
- The status of a resident of the innovative center "Skolkovo" (Moscow).
With DNA tests from Mygenetics:
- select a suitable form of vitamins and dietary supplements;
- You will learn about the features of your health and how they can be left with the help of nutticians;
- Make a suitable diet;
- You can draw up a competent preventive plan.
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Forever Living Products
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Forever Living Products (FLP) is the world's largest manufacturer Aloe Vera products, the plantation of which is entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The company was founded in 1978, Scottsel of the United States. Officially represented in 168 countries.

Forever Living Products has:
- Three ISO certificates,
- International certificates GMP, FDA,
- Certificates of Kosher, Halal, Vegan and Gluten Free.
Products are not tested on animals.

The flagship product of the company is Aloe Vera gel produced using a unique patented technology. The Aloe Vera gel from FLP by almost 100% corresponds to the pulp of the freshly cut sheet of aloe vera, which is confirmed by the IASC certificate.

The company offers premium quality, repeatedly confirmed by the International Prize (Global Beauty Awards 2021, Global Makeup Awards 2021 (Best UK Brand), Global Beauty Awards 2021, 2019, 2018).

All FLP products are delivered directly from the manufacturer, which guarantees the declared quality.
by Irina Muromtseva
-This is the line of cosmetic brushing oils from the brand of rawwood oils TRAWA and Irina Muromtseva, the famous TV presenter and the author of the popular blog about beauty and health.

The line of oil types for 4 skin types are unique formulas in which combinations of basic vegetable and essential oils are accurately selected to solve the problems of each skin type:

For sensitive - almond with immortelle essential oil and vitamin E
For mixed - cedar with essential oils of lemon, tea tree and vitamin E
For fatty - hemp with geranium essential oils, rosemary and vitamin E
For dry - sesame seeds with essential oils of lavender, peppermint and vitamin E

Ideal for massage of Guasha, daily evening care, removal of makeup,
face and body masks.

Oils are accompanied by video tutorials with the technique of face massage from Irina along QR code on the bottle. Access remains forever.

Notice beauty in yourself!
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The distributor of rare brands of cosmetics and interior aromas from around the world. We carefully choose brands, everything is important to us: history, clean compositions, production, confirmed efficiency and social responsibility. Each creator of the brand, through the products, indicates that it is important for him and personally responsible for quality. We pay great attention to the promotion of brands, create the best conditions for their development in the Russian market.

-Idea Toscana, Italy. Natural cosmetics and perfume for home.
-Cosmofarma, Italy. Natural departure from professionals.
-Tade, France. Aleppe soap
-English soap company, England. Soap according to ancient recipes.
-Sabatel, Italy. Highly effective cosmetics and aromas for home
-Cosmolive, Turkey. Natural cosmetic.
-Teatro, Italy. Fragrances for home. Aesthetics and spirit of Florence
-Wally, Italy. Cosmetics and aromas for home. Recipes for the Renaissance masters.
-Logevy, Italy. Fragrances for home. Traditions and innovations.
-Horomia, Italy. High perfumes for washing.
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Booster Bar is the first Russian brand based on the creation of natural cosmetic multi -products without water. Cosmetics Boster Bar are aimed at preserving the skin of the skin at the cellular level, supporting its microbioma and a protective lipid barrier. The convenience, functionality and simplicity of taking each bottle for beautiful and well -groomed skin, which does not need to be hidden under foundation!
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Vaki Pharm
Vaki Farm company for more than 9 years produces damp oils of the first cold pressing from bones and fruit seeds. In particular, the most difficult to produce fatty oil of pomegranate seeds, raspberries, currants, etc. The same series of natural cosmetics- care and hygienic agents , The list includes the world's first 100% natural toothpaste, the world's first 100% natural hair latch, a line of hair care products, natural shimmers, restoring face masks based on berry flour, rice, hercups, extracts, oils and oils herbs and so on. For all the time of work, the company recommended itself among connoisseurs of organic cosmetics, admirers of a healthy lifestyle, vegetarians and just beautiful people. With joy and pride, we will imagine our products to visitors and give a drop of heat and light of our sun. Sincerely and with love for you and our products, the company "Vaki Pharma".
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Make clean
Make Clean is a truly innovative company in Oral Care, whose products are developed based on international scientific research, and unique solutions can significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment.
Designed and produced in Russia.
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AGenYZ is a company whose main value is a person. Everything that is done by the company is done for the person and around him. You can develop yourself with us in 3 directions: Bio Hacking - management of your body's resources to increase its efficiency and for its benefit. e-Learning - online learning in the most popular and promising areas. Create yourself - create the best version of yourself. We provide the opportunity to build your own business in partnership with AGenYZ We give people confidence and reliability. Together we make our lives better by helping each other to realize our plans and dreams. Our partners, their goals and needs, their future is the main value of our company. And we see the achievement of this goal only through the realization of the personal goals of our partners and employees. High goals can only be achieved with a team of like-minded people who are united by a common system of values.
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The original Russian brand of cosmetics of its own production.
The first monastery health resort produces organic modern care and healing products based on herbal medicine and traditional healing.
Our chemists-technologists, together with Orthodox monasteries (phytocenters and libraries at monasteries), recreated and improved recipes for care products.

The project has the blessings of the Orthodox elders, is approved by the Certificate "Orthodox Product" and has 13 years of experience in the production and sale of funds of natural cosmetics, church shops, and online sales.
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Russkaya Kosmetika


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"Russian Cosmetics" is one of the ten largest manufacturers of cosmetics in the body care segment. Since 2003, the enterprise has been successful certification of the management system for compliance with the international quality standard, and in 2019 the GMP (Good Manufactured Practice) certificate was received. In its product strategy, the company develops the concept of conscious consumption - reasonable and responsible use of products. The purpose of this approach is to protect the environment, where personal comfort is on one side of the scales, and on the other - respectful and rational use of natural resources. As manufacturers, we care about the gifts of our planet - for the production of most of its brands, the company uses environmentally friendly packaging, and the products of the products include mainly natural plant components. Join the conscious consumption and take care of the planet’s resources, and “Russian cosmetics” will take care of your skin.
The MATSESTA cosmetic line was born in one of the most famous in Russia-resort of Sochi. Nature gave this city a unique climate, a warm sea, a wealth of mineral springs. The water mined in the Matsesta microdistrict contains a large number of minerals - calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfate, fluorine and many others, so it nourishes and deeply moisturizes the skin, saturating it with the necessary trace elements. Having begun to use living water of Matsesta more than five years ago, we received a cosmetic product with amazing anti -aging properties.

We offer you safe, natural and highly effective products with European certificates. We believe in virtue of the nature and energy of the sea that give the results, and we are sure that you can see and feel them.


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GK ForaFarm
The group of companies Forafarm is the largest manufacturer of pharmacy cosmetics in Russia. Our main specialization is the production of effective non-valley cosmetic products (balms, creams and gels) of high quality with natural active phyto- and bio-engines in high concentrations that have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system and vascular system of the legs. We also produce balms for wounds and domestic damage to the skin, medicinal shampoos, overlapping and hair growth, and other means for age and specific skin problems, children's cosmetics.


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Beauty, youth, health in one spoon of a living collagen! Living collagen has many useful properties that contribute to deep skin restoration! The COLLA GEN complex will help deceive the course of time, restore the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, greetings to less depth and severity of wrinkles, and restore your skin to beauty and radiance.
➕ Little Colla Gen (live collagen in different formats).
➕ Cosmetic COLLA GEN - care cosmetics based on a living collagen for the face and body, as well as decorative cosmetics for safe makeup.
➕ Functional nutrition for beauty, health and youth. The assortment has a tonic drink, as well as a premature complex for a healthy microflora and gastrointestinal tract.
➕ Professional hair line. Dr.kohas care cosmetics for home use.
➕ Professional hair line. Hair care cosmetics Pro Hyperfill (intended for professionals and hair collapse procedures).
➕ Professional line for caring for the oral cavity Dr.Fridman.
➕ Professional body line. Preamur anti -cellulite line - for home use, as well as Preamur Pro - intended for use by professionals.
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Axiom is:
1. The producer of natural cosmetics in Russia
2. Contracting production No. 1 in Russia (
3. Talent technicians and professional cosmetologists
4. Calm compositions and effective care
5. New technological formulas that have no analogues
6. Effectively working cosmetics
7. Holocaulus and modern technologies
8. A cheat assortment of funds for women and men
9. The capacity of the start with minimal circulations
10. Control at all stages (from samples and design to marketplaces)
11. More 20,000 finished formulas

Axione brand is:
1. Great cosmetics with light prices
2. Brand cooperating with key shopping and Internet sites
3. quality cosmetics from the Russian manufacturer
4. Three production capacities in the cities of the Russian Federation
5. Settlement according to international standards
6. Self -successful contracts and thousands of satisfied partners and customers
7. UNIVIAL DRAVENTS, HONEY Compounds and high quality products
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BTPEEL is a leading Russian laboratory that has no analogues in the CIS. The company specializes in the best modern developments of world cosmetology. The brand products were based on highly effective peptide complexes and natural ingredients, and quickly improves the quality and condition of the skin. All cosmetics of the BTPEEL brand are professional and are characterized by an instant result, which is noticeable after the first application. The laboratory pays particular attention to the development of new 100% environmentally natural cosmetic products based on Siberia and Crimea, which in a duet with the best modern scientific developments create products unique in quality and influence. The products being developed undergo mandatory testing and certification in the Russian Federation.
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Aclon is a Russian manufacturer of nutritional supplements for health and beauty.
Our main products — Flurevites — food products of a new generation in the form of aqueous solutions of special protein-peptide compounds (biopolymers), representing a group of membrane-tropic homeostatic tissue-specific bioregulators (MHTB) of natural origin, isolated from the small matrix of animals, plants and fungi. Completely natural product. The company's product range includes more than 70 types of products with Flurevites! Our production is GMP certified, and qualified personnel are certified and trained according to ISO standards.
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Bradex Cosmetics is a magical world of beauty, born specially for women. The power of science made it possible to create unique face and body cosmetics with stem cells of plants - a modern version of the elixir of youth, so familiar to us from fairy tales and traditions. To preserve youth and increase the beauty of our dear customers is our main goal. The research microbiological laboratory with international quality standards is engaged in biotechnological production of plant tissue cultures daily to create Nirvan cosmetics. The main feature of plant stem cells is the ability to multiple division, which helps our cosmetics have amazing properties: an effective struggle against small and large wrinkles, protection against destruction and normalization of skin cells, cherry, bone and connective tissue regeneration, regulation of water metabolism and removal swelling, elimination of toxins and salt deposits.
HydroBionique by Doctor Ocean
Hydrobionique by Doctor Ocean is your ideal of beauty!
Hydrobionique by Doctor Ocean embodies the concept of Mastige (“mastiza”) in its collections, in other words, the quality of world -famous premium brands at a price that everyone can afford.

Own production of raw materials in the Far East and a large -scale laboratory for the study of the properties of marine components can reduce production costs, maintaining unsurpassed high quality and efficiency.

Hydrobionique uses the ingredients tested for centuries, carefully selecting, checking and testing each product. We observe pharmaceutical standards of production, because health and beauty are concepts related to inextricably, and external attractiveness reflects the healthy state of the body. High -tech formulas made it possible to ensure the high permeability of all compositions of the Hydrobionique collection, adopting all the benefits of marine ingredients in the most bio -accessible form for our skin.

Each bar on the label of each product, every drawing is the result of the inspiration and painstaking work of the artist Yevgeny Osipov, who has been capturing the corners of the Primorsky Territory, its inhabitants and amazing nature for many years. The manner in which Eugene works is often compared with Bruegel, for the ability to catch and convey the slightest details - so subtle and filigree that the impression is that the picture is breathing.

In the works of Yevgeny Osipov, even the most ordinary streets and, it would seem, familiar objects gain a fabulous fleur and warm charm of places where you always want to return. Also, the sea inhabitants, drew specifically for the Hydrobionique collection carry a desire to touch in endless sea secrets, open the veil over the sea depths and become part of the incomprehensible sea kingdom, where true beauty rules!

The desire to reveal the secrets of the underwater world and the boundless love of the sea and the Primorsky Territory allowed us to create a truly unique collection of Hydrobionique means for your beauty!

Hydrobionique by Doctor Ocean is your ideal of beauty!
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The Unidermix brand was created in 2020 on the Damas Medical Center clinic as a team of chemists, cosmetologists and plastic surgeons, embodying deep knowledge of dermatology and practical experience in aesthetic cosmetology. Premium cosmetics with original formulas based on carefully selected active natural components is highly effective. Hypoallergenic agents are characterized by light textures and guarantee a visible result of use in combination with comfort and aesthetic pleasure. The brand focuses on the production of universal products that ensure full face care and solving a wide range of aesthetic problems for customers of any age with any type of skin. Means are equally successfully used in professional protocols and in home daily care. Unidermix invites wholesale companies and beauty industry enterprises to cooperate. At the stand of the company, guests are waiting for profitable discounts and pleasant surprises.
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Feel Nature

Feel Nature is a young brand of premium cosmetics, which was created due to the desire to create cosmetic products that are radically different from what the mass market offers. Our concept is based on four principles: environmental friendliness, ethics, effectiveness and aesthetics. The main emphasis we are on the physiologicity of the recipes that are designed not to mask the symptoms of problems, but to help the skin restore their natural beauty and health due to components, related skin, organic unrefined oils and assets in high dosages. Most of our raw materials are certified by EcoCert and ICEA. Cosmetics are not tested on animals and does not contain animal ingredients in the composition. We care about the ecology, so we use glass containers and processed plastic, and packaging made of processed paper. We also guarantee an exchange or return of funds if cosmetics does not work.
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Autherra is not just a cosmetic product. We create skin care for those who build a conscious relationship with their body. The basis of our products is magnesium. This element launches metabolism and maintains a balance in the body. Lack of magnesium can weaken the nervous system and prevent the body from absorb the necessary substances. Cosmetic care with magnesium: - will relieve pain and spasms in the muscles; - reduce nervous tension; - relieve headache and migraines; - Will establish a dream. Our goal is to make the care of ourselves pleasant and relaxing. Disconnect your smartphone and plunge into a warm bath with magnesium salt. Forget about stress and discomfort, while Autherra means gently nourish and strengthen your body. Combine the therapeutic effect of magnesium with body pleasure. We are for awareness in everything: as part of Autherra, you will find only natural ingredients. We do not use parabens and do not test our product on animals.
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Caring for your health and skin health is not a whim, but priority. With a low level of health, it is difficult to normally exist in society and realize their desires and needs

• The motto of eco -cosmetics is not only just not to harm and stand on a shelf with other cosmetic means, as well as surpass them in many respects, and ultimately, take a fairly solid market volume

• We go to this, self -improvement and following the trends
and developments in eco segment

• The ingredients in our products are not only natural,
They are still selected in such a way that they really give good skin care of the whole body

• Due to naturalness, our products are suitable for the skin of the whole body,
and not just separately faces or hands
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Royal Company is an aroma -therapy brand founded in 2018. The founder of the brand is Doctor-Arromatherapist, from Jordan, Rani Al-Anati. In the brand of Rani Royal are two directions: Food and Cosmetics. The first direction is aromatherapeutic nutrition (Food), that is, the use of 100% natural and high -quality essential oils in food foods. The second direction is cosmetics. We release natural aromatherapeutic premium cosmetics for face, body and soul. The strategic goal of the brand is: the production of high -quality and safe products, with aromatherapeutic properties, which satisfies the highest expectations of the consumer; Ensuring the compliance of products to world standards in the field of food and cosmetic products with essential oils. Our main slogan: Rani Royal Company is the pleasure of real scientific aromatherapy.
OOO "List'ya"
The company LLC "Lefts" is an exclusive distributor of the South Korean brand ECLORE Studio in Russia. We appreciate the health and beauty of our customers, so we chose to promote the brand created by a group of experts with deep knowledge in the scalp.
and hair.
The concept of solving scalp problems, for all Eclore Studio lines, is based on the “Derma Solution” solution, based on belief that healthy scalp can make hair healthy. They exclude harmful ingredients as much as possible and insist only on proven formulas. A special formula is a protein line of protection, which not only makes the hair shiny and healthy, but also cares for the skin of the head perfectly. Anyway, what to go to an expensive salon without leaving home.
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Aromashka has been producing 17 years in Russia:

1. Essential oils - 100% clean and are the product of the first distillation. They undergo an analysis according to Afnor protocols (French standardization associations), ISO (International Standardization Organization) and IFRA (international association for aromatic substances), and also have chromatograms.

2. The aroma cosmetics is “cosmetics with the effect of antidepressant”, which cares not only about your skin and hair, but also about the preservation of nerve cells.

3. Sentio - physiological natural premium cosmetics, in which naturalness is not the main advantage. is the largest free portal dedicated to aromatherapy in the Russian Federation and the CIS. We teach how to use oils safely, talk about relevant research in this area and dispel myths. And we also have the widest assortment of essential oils - 125 species.

Want to check your scent and get a gift? Come to our stand and try to guess the smell of 5 essential oils.
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Почти 30 лет компания «АРНЕБИЯ» представляет на российском рынке качественную европейскую продукцию для здоровья и красоты - косметические средства, витаминные комплексы и биопрепараты. Наши партнеры — признанные лидеры европейского рынка, которые в своей деятельности опираются на вековые традиции естественного оздоровления, многолетний опыт работы, идеи бережного отношения к природе и человеку.

"Арнебия" — крупный российский дистрибьютор натуральной и аптечной косметики, ароматерапевтической продукции и БАД европейского производства, успешно работающий на российском рынке с 1992 года. В ассортименте компании - более 50 известных марок товаров для красоты и здоровья из Германии, Франции, Швейцарии, Италии, Израиля, Нидерландов и Новой Зеландии. В 2016 и в 2021 году «Арнебия» была удостоена Золотой медали выставки InterCHARM «За создание широкого зеленого ассортимента для российского потребителя». Продукция, представляемая компанией, неоднократно награждалась премией Green Valley Award InterCHARM
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Era Minerals

ERA Minerals - professional mineral decorative cosmetics. Having absorbed the best in the technologies of mixing minerals, Era Minerals creates inspirational makeup means for a modern woman who is attentive to her image, but is not ready to bring health to the altar of beauty. Fanding texture does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe. The mica creates a delicate radiance and the effect of a soft focus. The titanium dioxide protects against UVA and UVB radiation and gives powders the properties of the foundation. Lauril Lizin maintain hydrobalance. Zinc sulfate has an anti -inflammatory effect. Minerals ERA Minerals do not contain bismuth, synthetic dyes, silicones, talcs, fragrances and preservatives. ERA minirals offers a full range of funds: primers, powder, tonal bases, veils, correctors, concealers, luminizers, blush, bronzers, shadows (more than 150 shades), as well as a line of professional hands.
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Company STL

The company "Modern Technological Lines" is a developer of medical equipment of individual use aimed at the prevention and treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular and nervous system, and the rehabilitation of patients after surgery.

Medical physiotherapeutic products of the company meets high quality standards and has a registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor.
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Young, dynamically developing company M.O. Cosmetics ”entered the aesthetic industry in November 2021. LLC "M.O. Cosmetics ”is an exclusive distributor of AURACOS brand in the Russian Federation and the CIS countries. In a short time, the company has established itself as a reliable supplier of highly effective drugs for beauty and pharmaceutical industry.
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Antler is not only:
Laboratory and production of natural cosmetics, which is located in one of the most environmentally friendly regions of Russia - in Belokurikh, Altai Marallnik
A network of existing pantocenters in different cities of Russia
Retail shops in Moscow, Belokurikha and Barnaul

First of all, this is a team of like -minded people and professionals who create natural and healthy products. These are people for whom mutual understanding, love, trust and decency are important. We have a powerful positive energy of creativity and creation, which we are ready to share with you.
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Response is a basic series of 7 products built using the latest production technology using very valuable and environmentally friendly ingredients. Response cosmetics are based on a modern revolutionary skin care approach-corneotherapy-approach is built on a progressive opening: skin health and beauty depend on the health of the stratum layer of the skin. The new generation of cosmetics uses the revolutionary basis - the lamellar emulsion, which is physiologically similar to the skin, helping it regenerate and protect itself from aggressive external environmental factors. It restores and strengthens the protective layer of the skin, promotes self -regulation and rejuvenation of the skin due to its own resources. All components are environmentally friendly! Without parabens, silicones and synthetic oils. Cosmetics is hypoallergenic and intended for people of any age with various types of skin. They are vegan, as well as economical and intellectually universal.
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Eco Mirai
“We strive for a perfect balance between what nature offers us from the point of view of active ingredients, traditional knowledge about plants and herbs and the most modern scientific knowledge. The perfect combination of these three factors in all our care products is what drives us every day. We work on the future in which only natural raw materials and active ingredients will be used to care for our body and its restoration. We develop, produce and sell first -class natural cosmetics, which allows all people with a pure conscience to care for their body, without harm to nature. We reject any substances associated with animal experiments. We want to contribute to beauty and health, at the same time realizing our responsibility to the descendants and the environment. ”
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Ginko Company since 1994 - market leader and leading supplier of professional hairdressers, combs, brushes and accessories. The company's products are presented in more than 870 professional stores and in more than 23,000 beauty salons of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries. Ginko Company - developer and manufacturer of its own line of popular tools, accessories and cosmetics under the brand “Ginko”, “Kedake”, “Love My Hair”, “DS”, supplier of Russian cosmetics “Fragrant world” (Crimea), innovator in the field of creation The lines of disinfectants for the beauty industry and not only, general partner and representative in the Russian Federation of the world -famous professional tools “Y.S.Park Professional”, “Joewell”, “Hikari” and many others.
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Rcler lab.
RCler Lab. - A brand of natural cosmetics. More than 4 years of impeccable work, more than 1000 positive reviews about products, representative offices in large countries, such as Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Moldova, highly qualified teachers in the Republic of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine.
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Nash Mir
The stand presents health products of Indian manufacturers. You will be able to purchase NATURAL and USEFUL products that the human body needs on a daily basis to maintain HEALTH, YOUTH and BEAUTY: Marine COLLAGEN (bones, ligaments, joints, tendons); the natural form of Vitamin C (AMLA-Indian gooseberry), the fruit is a SUPERFOOD, which is excellent for alkalizing the body, prevents the accumulation of lactic and uric acids in the body, has an excellent effect on intestinal motility and the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract as a whole, increases the body's resistance to viral diseases. Anti-inflammatory natural remedy CURCUMIN and much more.
We are the official representative of the company "Rahul Fati" Scientific developments - a combination of Ayurveda and classic vitamins, Ph.D., Dr. Rahul Fati. The owner of this brand has its own clinics in India (Maharashtra). Specialization: hair cosmetics (professional products against alopecia); cosmetics for face and body skin; health products: chondroprotectors, immunomodulators, vitamins, amino acids, proteins, etc.
We are ready for cooperation.
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Frederic M Author's perfumes and natural cosmetics from the south of France. Frederic M founded in 1983. In Le-Chann on the Cote d'Azur. Since 2002 Frederic M brand is represented in Russia and the CIS countries. Natural cosmetic. Certificate Cosmos Organic. We create effective, amazing, not similar means of “nature in a bottle”. Author's perfumes every brand's aroma is a magnificent creation of a talented perfumer Frederick Munosis. These are the delightful melodies of the solar Mediterranean, performed in the language of perfume notes.
The main values ​​of the brand:
• Give the best that nature gives, preserving its wealth.
• honor traditions, protect the legacy, transmit knowledge and skill from generation to generation
• carefully take care of beauty and health in harmony with nature.

Frederic M products for the perfection of your beauty and image.
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